Article By Mrs. Agnes Yu


From the old to the new…

Reinventing a brand to target a younger generation market.  Varsha led a project to develop a 30 year old noodle brand in Hong Kong into a younger more healthier brand.  This project lead to the ‘H’ brand, embedding brand values including providing ‘healthier’ meals, creating a ‘happier’ environment and providing ‘hopeful’ thoughts through our ‘Live in the Moment’ brand campaign.  The aim was to target the Generation Y market in Hong Kong specifically women who want to eat smart!

Every step of the service was redeveloped by our team – including the brand design, restaurant environment, service process, the ‘people’ strategy as well as all aspects of communications.  The brand was such a success that it received accolades from food bloggers and consumers alike who would stand in line for at least 30 minutes to get their place in this unique place.

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