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Canva – When the company culture supports the brand’s attitude

Illustrating that challenger brands barely even need a specific category to challenge, DIY design site Canva brought the ability to create professional designs to everyday people and businesses. No one else was really offering the service, but the need still existed.

Now valued at over half-a-billion dollars, thanks to major overseas investment, it would be easy for Canva to forget its founding philosophy and attitude. But culture is king at this Sydney-based start-up. Because the business started in entrepreneur Melanie Perkins’ mum’s living room, a cosy familial feeling is central to the brand’s proposition.

To ensure employees live the brand’s friendly values, initiatives like free gym memberships, on-site chefs and overseas trips help maintain a caring mindset. Apparently the company even releases doves to celebrate success.

Perhaps this is what won it the award of Australia’s Coolest Tech Company two years in a row?