BRAND Essential

Focus on 5 key areas

Hospitality – Restaurants

Non-profit Services – NGOs

Hospitality – Hotels and Resorts

Retail and Products



Our Work

Regal Hotels, Hong Kong

Service analysis and design, brand development for the business market, specifically targeting women. A modern website along with extensive digital presence.

Overall = High Customer satisfaction

Roar, USA

A new brand launched for the future

America’s top Bagel chain, USA

A more efficient way to enjoy your morning breakfast

Chicken on the run, Hong Kong

The making of a unique brand experience

Nam Kee Noodles, Hong Kong

A new identity for a classic choice

Asia’s leading sports channel, India

A big hitting sports brand on the world stage.

A travel application startup, USA

From low cost hospitality to Smart economy hospitality – A 360 degree business plan for the new age travel application

Luxury Resort, Maldives

A secret elite society in the middle of the ocean

World’s only Underwater Spa

A new name to Luxury

Ji Living, Australia

Develop digital platforms that encapsulate the brand experience and enchant users

A Luxury Resort on the Pacific Ocean, USA

Improved customer experience with an efficient service process

North California Seaside Resort, USA

An experience which can’t be easily forgotten.

A Global Oracle service partner, USA

A fresh and vibrant system fit for our digital future

Leading ERP solution provider, USA

Bringing in a bit of magic to the new normal. A powerful brand to stand out from the competition.

My Dentist, India

Built an efficient service-scape environment to ensure higher quality control

United Plastics and Packaging Industries Limited, Ghana

Getting ready an innovative manufacturing company for the Global platform.